Things I’ve done, stuff I’ve written, and words of mine have been quoted in a few different places. Here are a few:

Panel Discussion - Unintended results of design decisions

I was part of a panel where we discussed (the often negative) unintended results of design decisions. It was a super interesting conversation and I’m happy I was able to contribute to it. The discussion ranged from conversational UIs (Siri, Alexa, Echo) to the morality of self-driving cars. Check out this quiz to get a taste of what we were discussing.

A paraphrased quote from yours truly at the panel:

UX isn't just the end feeling – it’s everything that leads up to, is included, and follows the experience. – @aurooba #ux

— Calgary UX (@calgaryux) November 17, 2017

March for Science - Calgary

I spoke at the March for Science! I spoke about women in tech, diversity in STEM, my personal experiences with sexism in STEM, and offered encouragement for those who might want to venture into STEM but are afraid to because of negative stories they’ve heard.

WordCampYYC 2017 - Minting Themes

The talk was about how a lazy coder (me) codes WordPress themes in as little time as possible with automation tools, shortcuts, and handy plugins. I took the audience through the tools I use on a daily basis to develop my themes, the handy WordPress functions that make life easier, the one mindset that made debugging fun instead of yuck, and the plugins I can’t imagine working without anymore.

This talk went really well and I’m super pleased with it! People seemed to enjoy it too:

A particular thanks to @aurooba for her excellent Theme Development talk. Lots of great resources, & a handful of new-to-me tricks! #wcyyc

— AJ Dyrbye (@ajdyrbye) May 27, 2017

Start from small to big…design mobile first and the grow to desktop @aurooba . Thanks for so many tools to make work easier

— Eloisa Nunez-Jaremco (@en_eloisa) May 27, 2017

You can find the slides for the talk here.

5 Days of Career Talk: Women at Work

The Desi Wonder Woman profiled me during her Career series, where I talk about passion (how it’s not necessary) and how I got started as an entrepreneur and co-founder of Wanderoak.

##The Girl Code: How Calgary Is Trying To Foster Diversity In STEM Avenue Calgary featured several people promoting diversity in the local tech industry. I was featured for being a female co-founder of a design/dev studio (Wanderoak).

Ahmed grew up loving technology and taught herself how to program and design websites. She didn’t fully realize her interests were exceptional until she went to university.

WordCampYYC 2016 - How to Deploy WordPress Themes with Git

I gave a Git focussed talk about deploying WordPress themes at WordCampYYC 2016. The talk also lightly touched on transparency when communicating and collaborating with clients on projects and using a staging environment to test your work on a live server. It was my first WordCamp talk and although there was room for improvement, people said kind words:

Enjoying great talk form @aurooba at #wcyyc on how to use Git for the theme development.

— Vova Mitkovsky (@vladdesigner) May 28, 2016

your talk was awesome :)

— Vida Moayedi (@vidamoayedi) May 28, 2016

You can find the slides for the talk here.

Go be You

A post I wrote about being yourself in the dating world was syndicated on a popular Muslim blog.

Chic Geek Hack Night : How to use Github

I gave a short presentation introducing Git and version c ontrol during Hack Night in Calgary for Chic Geek.

Aurooba did a wonderful job introducing repositories Git and Github. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

A customer’s view of the City Market Downtown on the street

I wrote about and photographed the City Market in Edmonton, Alberta. They liked the post enough to link back to it from their own website.

MindFuel - Cool Careers: Personal Mottos

I was featured in a Cool Careers video series by an Albertan non-profit promoting careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). I’m in different videos in the series, but I like this one the best. There’s also this one I like, if you’re interested.

Remember: No one’s going to believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself.

Snapchat takeover for The Tempest

I took over the Snapchat account for The Tempest and spent a week exploring Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and introducing the audience to a lot of different and quirky Canadian things as well as geeky web developer things, with a good dose of jokes and nuttiness.