I am a creator.

Professionally that means I’m a front-end web developer at Wanderoak, a company I co-founded with my best friend. We work with creative and inspiring businesses striving to make a positive difference in this world. I love my job and am grateful everyday that I have it.

I strive to create easy to use systems people can use to further their vision in the world.

Do you run a creative business? Are you trying to make a positive difference in the world in your own little way? You should hire me.

Aurooba knows how to translate ‘web developer speak’ down so even the editorial interns can understand. - Aysha Khan, Editor at The Tempest March 16, 2016

Apart from that, I blog semi-regularly at Aurooba.com about a myriad of things - recently focussing on WordPress tutorials and running an ethical business.

I’m a designer currently rewriting code for my website. Based on this I now want to read all of Aurooba's posts. https://t.co/GE4nBfPw99

— Shaun No, Totally! (@NoTotally) April 9, 2016

If you’d like to connect, the best way to start a conversation with me is on Twitter.

If you’d like to discuss an opportunity with me, my email address is my first name [at] the domain you’re currently at. Please begin the subject line with [OPP] if you’d like to receive a reply.

If you would like to work with my company, you can reach us at hey@wanderoak.co.